So I’m watching this one show… and these two characters I kind of ship but it hadn’t been suggested as canon yet, are reunited and one runs up to the other, and it’s all cute and stuff, and I just thought, “Now kiss~~” but not seriously or anything, just like on tumblr and such… AND THEN THEY DID AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!!


Okay, wow. 

General Iroh + Asami = what should we call this ship? I can’t be the only one thinking that lol

  • Tumblr: I can show you the ships
  • Slashy, het and canon
  • Tell me, shipper, now when did
  • you last let your heart decide?
  • Tumblr: I can open your eyes
  • Fics, gif sets and picspams
  • Angst, heartbreak, and eye sex
  • On a magic Tumblr ride.
  • Tumblr: A whole new shiiiiip
  • A new fantastic show to view
  • No one to tell you no
  • Or this won't go
  • Or say you're only dreaming.
  • User: A whole new shiiiiip
  • Dazzling pairings I never knew
  • But when I'm scrolling here
  • It's crystal clear
  • That now I'm shipping all new things
  • with you.
  • User: Unbelievable scenes
  • Indescribable feelings
  • 'OMG', 'DYING', 'NOW KISS'
  • Through an endless Tumblr dash.
  • User: A whole new shiiiiip
  • Tumblr: Don't you dare close your eyes
  • User: A hundred thousand things to like
  • Tumblr: Click reblog it gets better
  • User: I'm like a super fan
  • I ship so hard
  • I can't go back to watching casually.
  • Tumblr: A whole new shiiiip
  • User: Every scene a surprise
  • Tumblr: With new characters to pursue
  • User: Every glimpse heart stopping.
  • Both: I'll love you anywhere
  • There's blogs to spare
  • Let me share this whole new ship with yooooou.
  • Tumblr: A whole new shiiiip.
  • User: A whole new shiiiip.
  • Tumblr: That's what we seeeee.
  • User: That's what we seeeee.
  • Tumblr: A thrilling sceeeeene.
  • User: A wonderous kiiiiiss.
  • Both: For you and meeeeee.
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