Oh yeah, so…

Today’s Young Justice all but confirmed that Miss Martian and Superboy will get back together at some point, I think?


Today’s Legend of Korra all but confirmed kinda-sorta indicated that Korra will end up with get with Mako?

(Yeah, I don’t know why I’m worried. It does look pretty definite, what with the opening recap part (love those btw), everything that happened in the episode, etc. Looks like Makorra is a sure thing.)

I’m not a heavy shipper, but… those pairings kinda make me happy a little bit. So yeah.

((Also M’gann and Gar and their brother-sister dynamic~~~ honestly, could anything be more cute than those two? Also I like how Dick and Tim have kind of a similar brothers thing going on.))

So yeah. TV report of the day.


#TeamMasami or #TeamMakorra? Discuss.







how about team everyone kiss

is there a team everyone kiss

can i be on it



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