Something I need to mention

Here are all of the shows I watch on TV (meaning, shows that come on TV channels that I get, that I watch that way (or DVR) as my primary way of getting the show).

Ranked from Most Often Ridiculous to Never Ridiculous.


Once Upon a Time

The Lying Game


Legend of Korra

Young Justice

By often ridiculous, I mean often containing:

Scenes (or episode) that are stupid, cheesy, incoherent (story-wise), or narmy.

Scenes (or episodes) that make me shout, “WTF?” and “Oh, come on!” at the TV. 

Scenes (or episodes) that would make me feel embarrassed to show just that scene (or episode) to someone who has never heard of the show, after telling them I really love the show (and I do really love all of those shows; I wouldn’t be keeping up with them week-to-week when they’re on if I didn’t.) 

If you disagree, if you think Glee, or OUAT are never ridiculous, or that Young Justice is ridiculous all the time, feel free to bring it up with me. I’m not saying this is absolute, objective fact. It’s my opinion, and I will defend it as such.

But just… notice what those two least-ridiculous ones have in common. Yeah. Probably why most people wouldn’t even give them a chance. They’re making a huge mistake. They’re missing out on the best shows on TV. 

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