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I’m srsly crey.

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Reblogging from my personal simply to show what posting non-sourced fanart without permission does to the artists.

Some people apparently think that “it’s not that big of a problem” and artists need to “learn how to deal”. The problem is so big that the artists themselves are giving up, simply because they think disrespect for artists is so big that this won’t change. 

Think about that if you ever feel like posting non-sourced fanart.

Wow. As an artist, I think this is one of the most legitimately heart-breaking things that can happen to an artist - when the artist himself/herself could be getting so much more respect, and someone takes it away because of greed or laziness. 

Like, I don’t think a lot of editors or copiers understand. There’s something that comes with seeing your own work taken as if it were never your own, like an old, prized possession stolen and being paraded around. You can go ahead and prove it’s your own, but seeing that someone else with it, as if they owned it all along, can do a lot to you. 

And then, even worse is when the artist (like these) has no will to go back and get it, because they’ve given up, because the thief is so rampant and has done so much to the prize that it’s unrecognizable, or because the artist literally doesn’t know how to say, “I would like to claim that as mine. Please stop saying it is yours.” And by then, the picture has gone around tumblr a time or two, and it might be almost unrecognizable compared to the original, and there will be so many chances lost for others to see that artist’s work. 

It can take hours, maybe days, for an artist to do the piece, but it only takes a few minutes for a blogger to skip over something as simple as sourcing or editing and to rip away the respect that the artist worked so hard to earn. 

Please, source your pictures. It’s a matter of copying and pasting a URL into a blog - much easier than saving and re-uploading a picture. 

And don’t edit without permission. If you like a work of art, why would you want to change it? 

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